General Introduction:

New Key Trading Service Co., Ltd (New Key) was established on 12 February 2012 with the desire to provide the new effective solution for the customers to meet the diverse meets in industrial fields, such as metal surface finishing solution, packaging solution, healthcare field, …

New Key’s brand was born with the meaning “be always a new key to help customers to solve problems and open into the successful entrance”.  As our name, New Key always innovate and constantly improve our quality’s service in order to effectively meet the requirements of our customers.

In the current, New Key is the exclusive distributor of RPV Thailand, specializing in the metal surface finishing products. We specialize to supply many kinds of machines, abrasives, media, compound, … for solutions of grinding, polishing, oiling, cleaning, creating roughness, surface preparation prior to plating or coating, … With many kinds of new products and new purposes, we would like to bring for domestic customer best & modern solutions from US, France, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, …

In addition, our company is also reputable and professional suppliers. New Key is a reputable and professional supplier. Our company is one of the leading in HCM City about solutions for product/cargo protection; providing standard solutions for safety ensure of goods, avoiding goods’ damage during shipping, exporting and distribution from the production’s place to consumption’s place.

Moreover, we also extended the array of health protection with NK Healthcare brands included support health belt types for all objects in the industry and consumers in order to care and protect health for everyone.

Despite a young enterprise, New Key’s members with experiences and youthful strength, we are always explorative, creative and ceaselessly attempt to supply customers the best solutions and the most satisfying attitude serve. With the motto “the customer’s problem is our problem”; therefore, we are always trying to learn and improve ourselves in order to help customers to solve problems and give to customers the best service.


Build New Key to become the provider with a friendly and modern working environment so that all employees can maximize the capacity and experience to offer customers the best service with the most reasonable cost and the most satisfaction.

Be always a “new key” to help customers to solve problems and open into the successful entrance.


Constantly explore and upgrade the services that New Key offers to give the customer peace of mind and comfort during cooperation.


– Deep understanding of customer’s needs.

– Always learning and exchanging knowledge about the field we are operating.

– Sharing experience.

– Respecting for the truth.

– Serving with enthusiasm, consideration, devotion